Tritticali CD review in Seattle Jazz Scene

Tritticali’s CD has received a nice review in Seattle Jazz Scene. Andrew Freund calls Trio Tritticali’s sound “… comfortable, organic, cohesive, and insidiously thrilling.”

An excerpt:

Trio Tritticali is both daring and conversational, a fascinating combination. They traffic in sensual release, but in the context of formal restraint. Their CD matches band originals and arrangements to Jobim’s Corcovado and Oliver Nelson’s Stolen Moments, visiting Argentine tango and keening Near Eastern mysteries, along with evocations of traditional Japan and other ports of call. Sometimes redolent of the hippest of salons, the music finds time to swing, while telling one overall, sly, knowing story.

Thanks for the kind words, Mr. Freund! Read the full review in Seattle Jazz Scene here.